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Treating domestic sewage

Septic tanks are used in a variety of local sewer systems for accumulation, sedimentation, and subsequent withdrawal of partially treated wastewater without suspended particles for the final stage of treatment.

Slowly flowing water is freed from suspended particles, and, passing the cameras of the tank, is also filtered and directed to the absorbent, or filter, area. Suspended solids and sediment are deposited in the cameras of the septic tank, where anaerobic and microbial biodegradation takes place.

For sewage disposal from a single-family household, a tank of 2 m³ (up to 4 people) or 3 m³ (4-7 people) is recommended.

As the output of treated wastewater proceeds directly into the ground, you should enquire from the local goverment in advance as to whether it is possible to install a septic tank. If a septic tank cannot be used, we can offer you Sewage tanks or Bioseptic Biopure.

High quality

All manufactured products and parts pass the internal quality control process before shipment to the customer.


Possibility of amendments and additions at the stages of design and manufacture.


All our products as well as parts have warranty coverage periods and are delivered with a complete package of all the required documents and certificates.


Easy and quick installation all year round at any temperature. Documents and guidelines for independent installation, starting-up, and maintenance.


Our septic tanks are manufactured from laminated fiber-glass reinforced plastic using special winding and spray machines (GFRP and GFP materials). The whole process is under the control of the qualified professionals.


Septic installation proceeds in accordance with the guidelines for horizontal tanks, and the installation of areas, in accordance with the guidelines for absorbing and filter areas.

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