Vesmaco LLC was set up on June 1, 2000, in Tallinn, Estonia.

Company's main business activity is the manufacture and sale of sewage and stormwater clearing systems, pumping stations, fuel/ oil separators, grit chambers, reservoirs, and tanks for storing various liquids.

Our products are available in Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, and Russia.

In the course of 12 years, we have produced more than 8,000 items now in use in the Baltic and Scandinavian countries, Southeast Asia, Russia, and the CIS countries.

Our company produces items of the following diameter measurements (in mm):

Length is not limited.
*These diameters are available on request.


Our products are manufactured from laminated glass-reinforced plastic using special winding and spray machines. All products are manufactured from high-quality and certified materials. The fiberglass and the products manufactured from it are tested on a regular basis.

The products pass the quality control process, which enables us to meet the quality requirements as well as to warrant our products.


A List of Completed Co-operation Projects

  • Pumping stations and storm sewer system at Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport and Paldiski Sea Port;
  • Pumping stations for the municipal sewers of Jõgeva, Mäo bypass, the cultural centre of Haapsalu, and the Viljandi landfill;
  • Stormwater treatment systems at the Saku Suurhall arena;
  • Hyper-tank for the blending system of the Kohila paper mill.


We are always eager to co-operate.

Are you a design, construction, or engineering company?
Are you interested in representing our products in your country?

We will provide you with the necessary documentation, make a presentation of our products as well as answer your questions.

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