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Treating domestic sewage

Sewage tanks are used for collecting and temporarily storaging residential wastewater in places where the use of wastewater treatment systems is limited or impossible.

In order to collect wastewater from a single family home, we recommend sewer capacities of 8-12 m³.

Main areas of use:
  • Cabins and cottages;
  • Guest houses, mini-hotels, and holiday villages.


No restrictions on places of use. Assembling may be performed in any season at any temperature.


Possibility of amendments and additions at the stages of design and manufacture.


Our products are manufactured from glass-reinforced plastics (GRP/GFRP) using special winding and spray machines. The whole process is under the control of the qualified professionals.

Full service

We provide full service — calculation, design, manufacture, packaging, delivery, installation supervision, starting-up and adjustment, as well as maintenance. Turnkey solutions.

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