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We produce

Treating domestic sewage

Biopure biological treatment facilities are used for sewage from residential buildings.

Water treatment in the Biopure systems proceeds with the help of different microorganisms in the treated water enriched with oxygen. Such a method of water treatment is very effective and provides at least 95% of purification in terms of suspended solids and 97%, in terms of organic compounds.

For treatment of sewage from a single-family household, Biopure 5 (up to 5 persons), Biopure 8 (up to 8 persons), and Biopure 12 (up to 12 persons) are recommended. Also available are large systems of biological BioPure treatment in the case of up to 50 users.

Biological BioPure treatment facilities have been developed by Vesmaco LLC and are produced in Estonia exclusively at the Vesmaco production base.

Treatment data:
Biological Oxygen Demand7 <15 mg/l
Suspended Solids <15 mg/l
Phosphates <1,5 mg/l


Easy and quick installation all year round at any temperature. Documents and guidelines for independent installation, starting-up, and maintenance.


No special bacteria or packing are required. Cleaned once in 12-18 months.


Resistant to peak resets, power cuts, and overload in terms of the pollution density of the incoming flows.


Remote installation of noiseless compressors. No control cabinets or permanent control required.

How it works

The purification process is performed by a complex microbiocenosis purifying water by way of extracting the nutrient substances that exist in the form of contaminants in the conditions of aeration. Owing to this technology, proportions of the inner chambers and the system of overflows, BioPure septic tanks require no additional bacteria or constant maintenance.


The whole production process is under control of the highly qualified professionals. The material and final products pass the internal quality control process.

Full service

We provide full service — calculation, design, manufacture, packaging, delivery, installation supervision, starting-up and adjustment, as well as maintenance. Turnkey solutions.

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